This is how real men shoot wolves

After a very close encounter in my early childhood, I'm fascinated by wolves and I have read pretty much every fact book and watched every documentary there is about these great and highly social predators. In my teens, I had my first personal encounters with a pack living in captivity in Switzerland. Later, visits to sanctuaries and parks, among others in the USA, followed where I met more wolves in captivity but also encountered wild wolves up close. My studies and experiences with wolves also helped me a lot when I worked as a trainer for protection- and narcotics dogs and later helped people with so-called "problem dogs" in my spare time.

In 2014 and 2015 I produced two documentary films about wolves and wolf management, "Tyttö ja Sudet" and "Tyttö ja Sudet 2".

I also wrote the chapter on the legal protections status of the wolf in the German Wolfcenter's peer-reviewed 2018 book about wolves and livestock protection.