Behind the scenes of Tyttö ja Sudet 2

Filmmaking Aug 15, 2015

It was an exiting week, shooting for my new wolf documentary in Germany. Sara and me had lots of fun and met so many interesting people and animals!

First we visited the Wolfcenter in Dörverden, of course, to say hello to last year's pups. They recognized us and we got a crazy welcome!

After all calmed down a bit, We spent some quality time with the furballs. Especially Kimo has become a super-cuddlebug! But they also were a little mischievous and try to steal my shoelaces and also to run me into the ground... With Sara, they were a bit (a lot, actually) more gentle.

After the visit at the Wolfcenter, we started our interviews. We even got to interview the Secretary of the Environment of Lower Saxony. He was pretty nice!

Secretary of the Environment Stefan Wenzel, Sara and me at the ministry's garden.

Another highlight was the visit at Tanja Askani's in the Lüneburger Heide wildlife park. We interviewed Tanja, met her wolves and also met a German news crew which interviewed us for a change. Tanja also shot a few photos of us for hour "this is how real men shoot wolves"-campaign.


Stefan Gofferje

Geek-dad, german in Finland, IT security and privacy, wolves and wolfdogs, nature, filmmaking, photography, paramedic

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