• After planning it for the last years, I eventually left facebook - mostly.

    I never was a really happy facebook user. I had many privacy concerns, the phone apps were just annoying, big, obtrusive, attention-demanding and facebook was just a huge time eater. I prepared to leave a few times but then there was always something that held me back. Practically everybody is on facebook and if you're not on facebook, you lose all contacts, right? Well, kind of...

  • The journey away from facebook, that is. After the latest changes in facebook's policies, especially, regarding photos and the use of those, I stepped up my efforts to move away from the social network. With the moving of my last photo albums from facebook to here, I'm one big and important step further.

  • The integration of my private homepage with facebook finally seems to work properly. I had a number of problems, including empty posts to facebook and wrong backlinks to my website but it seems, things are working now.