I have been taking video and editing for the better part of 20 years. However, it was only since 2013, when I discovered Ryan Connolly's YouTube channel Film Riot, that I actually started "filmmaking". Before that, I was just recording without paying attention to framing, light, composition, etc. and thus my films looked very much like the home videos they were.

Thanks to Ryan's great instructional videos I not only learned how to improvise professional gear on a very low budget but also learned about framing, composition, lighting - all the important basics.

In 2014, I started my first big project, doing the 45 mins docventure "Tyttö ja sudet" ("The girl and the wolves") and quickly found out how easy it is to make mistakes and how Ryan was right about the importance of proper planning, even if you are shooting "run and gun". Despite it's flaws, the film was well received, even by otherwise very wolf-opposed press and we are planning to do a second part in 2015.

I like to shoot nature-stuff and I am experimenting with ways of telling stories without words, like in my shorty "A Winter Day" which shows the desolate face of a Finnish small town.