The Girl and the Wolves 2

Submitted by Stefan Gofferje on Sun, 05/01/2016 - 07:20

According to the latest survey, 80% of all Germans welcome the return of the wolf to Germany - despite the high population density and the already high number of wolves which lead to many encounters between wolves and humans.

After the success of their first documentary ”Tyttö ja Sudet ”, filmmaker Stefan Gofferje and ”wolfgirl” Sara Veikkolainen travel to Germany again to find out what is different in the German wolf-management and if the people really are not afraid of wolves. For their new documentary ”Tyttö ja sudet 2”, the team interviewed the Lower-Saxony Secretary of the Environment, internationally renowned wolf-expert Tanja Askani, Dr. Britta Habbe of the Lower-Saxony hunter's association and normal people on the street in the rural small town of Verden – a famous center of horse breeding.

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