This is my personal blacklist of networks and IPs of SIP attackers. To end up here, the IP or network must have been the origin of considerable and repeated attacks on my PBX and additionally, the ISP didn't react to any complaint.

You can directly download the blocklist, e.g. for usage in your own scripts here. The blocklist is automatically updated every 6h directly out of the ruleset of my firewall. Those updates do not show in the article's "Last updated" time!

Note: I don't give any guarantees of accuracy, completeness or even usability! USE AT YOUR OWN RISK! Also note that I block complete countries, namely China, Korea and Palestine with blocklists from, so some attackers will never even get the chance to get noticed by me to be put on this blacklist.
I also don't accept any liabilities related to this blocklist. If you're an ISP and don't like your IPs being listed here, too bad! You should have done something about your customers' behavior and reacted to my complaints. This blocklist is nothing but an expression of my personal opinion and exercising my right of free speech.