Pelastuspäivä - rescue day

Projects Jun 1, 2013

During my Finnish course at TAKK I got the idea to organize some information day about law enforcement and rescue services in Finland for my schoolmates. I came up with a rough concept and talked to the coordinator about it. First he was quite skeptical if I could pull that off so we agreed on a test. If I manage to get an OK from a handful of organisations, he would approve it. First, I contacted the Border Guard because I knew an officer there and they were on board right away. Next was the police academy. They also were quickly on board because they already did some cooperation with TAKK. With the Border Guard and the police academy on board, it was pretty easy to get some more, so a few days later, I met again with the coordinator. Then was the question on how to organize the presentations. I offered to handle that also - which again the coordinator was quite skeptical about. Within a few days, I wrote a relatively simple database application, so the only thing the teachers had to do was to ask their classes who is interested in what and enter it into the database - which then did the time scheduling. With that done and thirteen government agencies and organisations willing to participate, I finally got the full OK from TAKK. Next it was developing a presentation for the schoolmates as well as doing some PR, inviting other schools, press, etc. One of my classmates, Nataliya, helped me with that. For the presentations I also created a teaser-trailer-video which we showed in the classes and sent to the press.

The teaser trailer

Then came the big day and almost everything went as planned. The Border Guard promised to send a helicopter which was supposed to land on the parking place but on approach, the pilot was not happy with the space and decided not to land. Huge pity as the helicopter was our main attraction but safety comes always first!

A Border Guard helicopter visited but unfortunately couldn't land due to limited space

The police academy sent two really nice officers with an incident command vehicle.

Another highlight was the Air Force which sent a Military Police unit as well an airfield rescue and fire truck.

Pirkanmaa Rescue Services sent a fire truck, an emergency ambulance as well as an incident command vehicle. The incident commander later tried to get the MediHeli to come over as a replacement for the Border Guard helicopter but unfortunately, the MediHeli was very busy on that day.

We also had a visit from a camera team from YLE state TV, which shot for the local news as well as wrote a news story about the event.

YLE Häme evening news

In the end, the day was a huge success. People had loads of fun, everybody learned something and everybody took something home from the day.

I loved the preparation and organisation work and seeing it all come together was a blast! But the best thing was how the teachers first thought, the idea was impossible but then were all in to make it happen. It's really cool how open they were to do something which surely was quite outside the realm of what they normally do and how they believed in me being able to pull it off and supported me!

And I also got a super nice paper from them...


Stefan Gofferje

Geek-dad, german in Finland, IT security and privacy, wolves and wolfdogs, nature, filmmaking, photography, paramedic

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