I'm a specialist and consultant for defence systems, as well as information and communication security. In the defence systems field, I specialize in optronics and infantry systems, especially, future soldier systems.

In the past, I have been a professional soldier for several years, over ten years in emergency medical services and another ten years in the IT industry. Additionally, I have worked a few years in the security industry.

A list of my work qualifications is available here.

Recently, I have started to focus more on developing my hobbies filmmaking and photography into a professional qualification as the project situation in the IT- as well as in the defense industry in Finland isn't really great.


I'm a passionate photographer and filmmaker, focusing mainly on nature topics. I have shot two documentaries about wolves and I generally love to be out in the nature with my dog. Besides that, I'm also very interested in Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) which are great tools for research as well as for filmmaking and photography.

Another big hobby of mine is the weather. I am an active storm chaser and run a website for stormchasers in Finland.

Besides those, I love to cook and do all kinds of computer stuff.


I'm a fan of Nietzsche's. I have read all of his works several times and although hard to read, harder to understand and admittedly somewhat chaotic sometimes, Nietzsche - in my opinion - has not only a few good points. Other very recommendable authors are Machiavelli and Sun Tsu.

What friends say about me

J-P: "Stefan on seurallinen ja aktiivinen kaveri, välillä jopa suorastaan yliaktiivinen jolla on paljon mielenkiintoisia ideoita."

Kristiina: "Stefu on utelias ja tiedonhaluinen, ritarillinen persoona, joka on aina valmis pelastamaan ystävät pulasta. Temperamentti on välillä leiskuva, mutta sydän paikallaan."

Vilma: "Stefan on sydämellisin ja rakastettavin ystävä maan päällä. Olen tuntenut Stefanin vuosia, ja hän on aina kannustanut ja tukenut minua. Stefan seisoo sanojensa takana ja häneen voi luottaa tilanteessa kuin tilanteessa."