My personal blog.

The integration of my private homepage with facebook finally seems to work properly. I had a number of problems, including empty posts to facebook and wrong backlinks to my website but it seems, things are working now.

I added a category and a submenu for Flightgear stuff under "By & about Stefan". Flightgear is a free and Open Source flight simulator for Linux, MacOS and Windows which is highly accurate and realistic and has stunning graphics. I have created a few little things for Flightgear and am currently working on a few more, so here is the central place to find them all.

Chose "Flightgear" from the menu or follow this link.

I installed a little webshop-system to easily get rid of all the stuff I don't need anymore. Overkill? Maybe, but it was like 45mins work and now I can really easy put all the stuff I don't need anymore up for sale and people can just buy and pay with Paypal. Pretty easy...

Check out the fleamarket via the menu item on top or click here.

I just added a link to Johanna's portfolio page. Johanna is a super-talented artist and designer and a friend of mine. I especially love her fox cartoons.
Check out her portfolio page here or go to the link section of my website!

As I had a little bit time, I made a new category "IT-stuff" and started posting all my old papers and articles there. It might time take some time until I get everything there and I might not move everything from the old to the new site.
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