That's more or less a classic and the perfect meal if you are planning a nice dinner for two.

Cooking pork-filet needs a little trick to prevent it from getting dry... First of all, don't buy slices and don't cut the filet before cooking! Buy a nice big piece!

Then, heat some butter (real butter, please) and wait until it's really hot. The fry the big piece of filet from all sides until it is just a little bit brown. Switch the plate down to about 3/4 power and let the filet cook for another 7-8 minutes, depending on how thick it is. Then put the cream into the pan.

For the sauce you can do it easy and buy ready food cream with pepper or make it yourself. I make it myself because I like real cream and the ready-made cream is some vegetable-stuff.

So, put the cream into the pan and stir nicely, mix it with the filet-tasted butter. Add a good amount of black pepper and salt to your taste.
Tip: If you use a good red wine (e.g. Zinfandel) instead of the pepper, you'll get a really nice red wine sauce.

The almond balls should be readily available from the freezer in your supermarket. Usually, I'm too lazy to make those myself :).

Cooking the vegetables is pretty straightforward too. The only special thing is that I added a tablespoon of butter to the veggies for the taste.

Serve with a good red wine!