The perfect desert or addition for a nice afternoon tea. Cream toffee is a classic which already my mother used to make every once in a while. As tasty as it is - be aware! There's very little food one can make which has more calories than this!

Prepare a baking tray with either oiled aluminum foil or baking paper. Then put 250ml whip cream, 150g sugar, a tablespoon of butter and a tablespoon of vanillasugar in a pot and start boiling everything. Don't use max heat! If your stove has six levels, boil on level four or five, otherwise it will burn to the pot's floor and burnt sugar tastes very bitter! Stir the mass continuously. After about 30 minutes, the mass should become quite creamy and start to slowly get brown. Now it's important to keep an eye on things and really stir without pause! Continue boiling and stirring until the mass is really viscous and dark golden brown. Pour the mass onto the baking tray and put it to the fridge. After about 10 minutes - before it's hardened out, cut some grid lines for breaking out the pieces later and put back to the fridge. Enjoy after about 30 minutes chilling.