Yesterday I found a cute comic-style card in my mailbox, telling me that I have a shipment that was too big for my mailbox and I should pick it up from the post-office.

I was wondering about that because I was home the whole day, so it should have been no problem for the postman to hand me the shipment personally.

Today I walked the 3km to the post-office to pick up the shipment. Needless to say, it was yet another Itella-typical service-fail. Of course, the shipment was not to big for my postbox. I have a Finnish standard-sized postbox and it would be possible without problems to fit 4 or 5 shipments of this size to my postbox.

Itella: Euroopan huonoisin logistiikkayritys - Itella: Europe's worst service logistics company!

You have a shipment that doesn't fit your postbox Yeah - REALLY way to big for my postbox...