Yesterday afternoon when I came home, my internet wasn't working. My server told me that it went down shortly before 10:00. So, it was calling the technical hotline again.

"If you want service in English, please press 3... For broadband, please press 2"... And then waiting... ... ... or not? Almost immediately, I got somebody on the phone. I described the situation and he said that he sees that I have a Cisco EPC3825 modem and there were some known issues with the firmware. He offered to update it. I was sceptical because a blackout after almost a year of working ok didn't sound like a usual fw-issue to me but he said that this was one of the characteristic symptoms, that the modem works fine for a while and then starts acting up. He also said that the new firmware would remove some of the WLAN problems. I told him ok, let's update and he told, depending on line usage it could take up to 2 hours. We hung up and I watched the modem for a while. About 6 minutes later, the modem was rebooting and after that, immediately connected to the internet. Speed tests look fine.

Bottom line...

  • No endless waiting in the loop
  • Fast solution
  • No "did you try with another modem" or other customer-deflection

There might be hope for Sonera after all... :)