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I'm studying the Finnish language since 2011. In this category are some articles which I mainly wrote for myself but which might be useful for other Finnish-students too... In addition, a number of homeworks which I wrote during my courses are available for download.

Joka-pronominit ovat relatiivipronomineja ja ne aloittavat relatiivilauseen joka antaa lisätietoa virkkeen subjektista.

Joka-pronouns are relative pronouns and introduce a relative clause which provides additional information about the sentence's subject.

Joka-Pronomen sind Relativpronomen und leiten einen Relativsatz ein, der das Subjekt des Hauptsatzes näher beschreibt.

Konjunktiot liittävät kaksi lausetta yhteen virkkeeseen.

Conjuctions join 2 clauses into one sentence.

Konjunktionen verbinden zwei Nebensätze zu einem Satz.