Yesterday afternoon when I came home, my internet wasn't working. My server told me that it went down shortly before 10:00. So, it was calling the technical hotline again.

Last night, there was again a brown- or blackout. In the morning, I overslept and when I woke up, I noticed that the server was silent and all clocks blinked "00:00". Thanks, Valkeskosken Energia!
To complete the fun, it's getting stormy outside and the Finnish Weather Service has issued a storm warning. What should we bet that there will be more outages tonight...?

The integration of my private homepage with facebook finally seems to work properly. I had a number of problems, including empty posts to facebook and wrong backlinks to my website but it seems, things are working now.

Yesterday around 2010 we had yet another brownout of the power grid, just enough to crash all computers and reset all clocks at home. That was the 8th or 9th brownout this year already. Last year, Valkeakosken Energia did some work on the cables and the techs promised that the situation will improve. Seemingly, it didn't.