Heat some peanut oil in a pan, start frying the chicken breast filets. When the chicken is well done but not yet brown, use a table spoon to spread a few drops of honey on either side and dust the chicken with Tandoori-spice (in Finland available from K-Supermarket). Fry until both sides have a medium brown crust.

Heat some peanut oil in your pan and add chicken breast filet stripes. Fry the chicken until it's starting to get brown. Then, add about a tablespoon of honey and stir heavily - be careful, don't let the honey burn!

I'm probably not the only CSI: Miami fan out there, so while experimenting with scenarios in Flightgear, I created a scenario where a silver Hummer H2 is driving around on the highways west of KMIA. Note that the scenario needs Statto's custom South Florida scenery because of the detailled roads in it. Download the scenario from the download area :).

In addition to the Finnish Frontier Guard (Rajavartiolaitos) livery for the Flightgear EC135, I also made a BK117 variant. Unfortunately, the RVL also never bought this helo, so it's again a fictional livery. You can find it as usual in the download area. Also as usual, the livery is released under the GPLv2.