My latest addition to the Flightgear EC135 is a Finnish Frontier Guard (Rajavartiolaitos) livery. Unfortunately, the RVL never bought that nice helo, so it's also a fictional livery. You can find it as usual in the download area. Also as usual, the livery is released under the GPLv2.

I have made 3 military liveries for the EC135 with digital patterns as you would expect them to appear on the market in short time. The liveries are neutral, without any country markings, so go ahead and paint your favorite flag on them :). All patterns were created by me with a tool from my work. The liveries are published under the GPLv2. Dowload them from the download area.

I added a category and a submenu for Flightgear stuff under "By & about Stefan". Flightgear is a free and Open Source flight simulator for Linux, MacOS and Windows which is highly accurate and realistic and has stunning graphics. I have created a few little things for Flightgear and am currently working on a few more, so here is the central place to find them all.

Chose "Flightgear" from the menu or follow this link.

As I am really bad in memorizing key commands and I don't like "HOTAK" when flying, PLUS I needed a little project to get a bit into GUI programming, I knitted a little "Osprey systems dialog" which controls the important functions.