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I knitted a customized HUD for the Osprey. The reason was that the computer sometimes turns the nacelles to the negative (backwards) tilt, which makes the Osprey really unstable in hover or slow forward flight. With the HUD instrument, the pilot sees at a glance where the nacelles are.

I installed a little webshop-system to easily get rid of all the stuff I don't need anymore. Overkill? Maybe, but it was like 45mins work and now I can really easy put all the stuff I don't need anymore up for sale and people can just buy and pay with Paypal. Pretty easy...

Check out the fleamarket via the menu item on top or click here.

First, heat some olive oil in your pan and fry some bacon cubes in it. When the bacon is nicely brown, add the minced meat and fry until it's almost ready. When the minced meat is almost ready, add the zucchini cubes and fry until they start to get transparent at the sides but don't overcook them. Finally, add some food cream,salt and pepper and let it stir for a moment.

I just added a link to Johanna's portfolio page. Johanna is a super-talented artist and designer and a friend of mine. I especially love her fox cartoons.
Check out her portfolio page here or go to the link section of my website!

Bacon rolls are not only very tasty but also quite efficient - they save you the work of putting a slice of saussage on your roll :D.

The making if fairly easy: Just prepare your favorite dough and put 1-3 good hands full of bacon cubes into the dough and work them in. The baking itself might take a few minutes longer than it would without the bacon. Keep an eye on the rolls so they don't burn!