Besides other stuff, I'm experimenting and developing with UAV technology from 3D Robotics. Here's some interesting stuff and tips & tricks.

Sometimes there's just no good place to mount the external LED to on a copter or one simply wants more light output... While developing my own little light controller, I wrote a decoder which decodes the I²C control signals for the external LED and controls arbitray amounts of Neopixels accordingly.

This is the first version of my mode switch holder for the Taranis. It fits the Hobbyking / X-Rock mode switch. It mounts in place of the left slider (I pretty much never use the sliders). A hole to route the cables is included in the design. This version still is a little bit close to switch E. Still doing some fine tuning.

After just a few flights, the FrSKY telemetry of my IRIS suddenly stopped working. The Taranis was not updating the display or it was showing nonsense values, like altitude -65535 or similar. Time to do some diagnosing.

Last Friday, I was preparing for a rather simple auto mission. I set everything up, did a last minute change to CH7_OPT, then positioned my IRIS on a nice place for takeoff. I armed in LOITER and raised the throttle. The IRIS lifted off to about 50cm and started drifting to the right. I tried to steer against with no effect.

For a few dollars you can buy replacement lenses without IR cut filter for popular FPV cameras and also IR passthrough filters from eBay. Additionally, many digital cameras can be modified for IR recording by simply removing the IR cut filter from the sensor. As a result you get very pinkish footage.

I have written about the postprocessing of IR photos already earlier (s. here). This video just quickly shows a few possibilities to edit the footage to make it more useful for analysis.

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