This is a list of the drafted features for the UxV control station. As every document, related to this project, this document is under constant development and subject to frequent changes.

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newtx overview




  • SKY9x or Gruvin9x board
  • open9x firmware


  • USB
    • Firmware update
    • Configuration
  • Audio out


Mission control subunit


Display functions

  • Display telemetry data from FrSky RC system
  • Display MAVlink-telemetry
  • Display misc. data


  • Send MAVlink commands
    • Flight mode
    • Waypoints
    • Camera gimbal control
    • Misc.
  • Edit PIDs
  • Control mission-specific payloads
  • Control misc. functions and equipment

Printer functions

  • Print UAV's GPS coordinates ("print now"-button)
  • Print flight-log
  • Print flight-statistics

Antenna tracker

  • Control antenna-tracker
  • Based on IMU-data
    • Antenna tracker has a 360°-servo for azimuth and determines the orientation via the IMU

Output functions

  • Output UAV position as NMEA data via
    • USB-serial
      • PC mapping software
    • RS-232
      • PC mapping software
      • Chartplotters
    • Bluetooth (serial profile)
      • Mobile mapping devices, e.g. Google Maps on Android tablet


Mission control subunit


External interfaces

  • USB (UART 0)
    • Software updates
    • USBSerial
      • Data output
      • GPS NMEA output (GPS-mouse emulation, e.g. for mapping software on PCs)
  • Bluetooth (SoftwareSerial1 UART0, TX only)
    • Data output
    • GPS NMEA output (BT GPS emulation, e.g. for mapping software on tablets)
  • RS-232 (UART0, TX only)
    • Data output
    • GPS NMEA output (e.g. for chart plotters, etc.)
  • Antennatracker
    • Servo out
      • Azimuth
      • Elevation
    • IMU in (I2C)

Internal interfaces

  • LCD (SPI)
  • 3DR-radios / XBee (UART1)
  • FrSky Telemetry (UART2)
  • GPS (UART3)
  • LCD (UART3)
  • Printer (SoftwareSerial0)