ArduIllusion is a library under the Gnu LGPLv3 which allows controlling of simulator instruments made by Flight Illusion BV through an Arduino MEGA 2560.

MAVLink-FlightIllusion is a project under the GPLv2 to integrate Flight Illusion's instruments into groundstations for sUAS/UAVs which use the MAVLink protocol, such as the APM/Pixhawk platforms from 3D Robotics. It is based on the ArduIllusion library. In this category is the project and development blog.


On June 26 I got another nice package from Flight Illusion with new gauges to work on: GSA-40 Gyrocompass, GSA-20 IAS indicator, GSA-23 VSI and a GSA-72 General Aviation Clock. GSA-40 and GSA-72 got ready today. The gyro was pretty simple but the clock took quite a bunch of hours due to some interesting quirks in it's own control protocol and some MAVLink peculiarities. Next up are the IAS and the VSI - probably at the weekend. Videos will follow soon.


A couple of days ago, I finished integrating the Flight Illusion altimeter into my library and the MAVLink interface. I had a few issues talking to the gauge, specifically, controlling the displays but that's solved at the moment.

You all might remember my integrated groundstation project, which I started earlier this year. Based on this project, I started integrating flight instruments from Dutch manufacturer Flight Illusion. Flight Illusion in one of the leading manufacturers of gauges for flight simulators and has a wide range of various instruments. Piece by piece, I will write a library which is able to control the most important gauges to display MAVLink data.