A couple of days ago, I finished integrating the Flight Illusion altimeter into my library and the MAVLink interface. I had a few issues talking to the gauge, specifically, controlling the displays but that's solved at the moment.

I have some additional video created with playing TLOGs from droneshare.com but my video editor is on strike, so those videos will have to wait. In the meanwhile, I'll continue developing.

Another challenge was the interface hardware design. After first working with flying wires, I now hacked an Arduino prototype shield. Originally, I wanted to create a dedicated board but that's a bit over my head plus it would be rather expensive. So I'll draw up a shield for the Arduino MEGA2560.

Next step... Well, let's see what Flight Illusion will send me :).

About Flight Illusion - they are really great partners! They have been very supportive of my project from the beginning on, sent me full docs and specs and are always just a phonecall away when I run into problems.

Once things are running smoothly, they might come out with a few special "UAV-gauges" to account e.g. for the smaller IAS range of sUAS or an AGL indicator with a 400ft mark.