Already on December 16th, 2012, I predicted that nothing good can come from Microsoft's taking over Skype. Now my prediction came true. German IT News Agency Heise Online has proven that Microsoft doesn't only record all Skype chats. They actively use the data and seem especially interested in confidential information like encrypted sites, cloud storage and access codes.

If you run an Asterisk server which has the SIP ports exposed to the internet you have probably already noticed a ton of probes, connects which try to initiate calls to numbers with various prefixes. Although this doesn't do much harm if you did your homework and configured your Asterisk properly, it's still annoying. Here is how I deal with those:

Today I got a new notification on facebook, saying "Florin Georgian Voicilä also commented on", suggesting that I also commented on that page.

Well, I have not ever commented on "" and Florin Georgian Voicilä is neither in my friend list, nor did I subscribe to him. When I clicked on this notification, I was not ending up where I was expecting to...

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